Research Aids

A number of primary and secondary sources on international human rights law are available online, in addition to information on human rights conditions.  Use the pages in the Research Aids section of this website to:

  • search for judgments and other decisions by international courts and quasi-judicial bodies in a variety of Jurisprudence Databases
  • get a general understanding of a particular human right (e.g., freedom of expression or health) and tips for further research by using the Thematic Research Guides (coming soon)
  • research a particular State’s human rights record or widespread practices of international concern using the country-specific and thematic resources in the Human Rights Conditions section
  • identify NGO Websites useful for keeping track of news, current commentary, and action campaigns by organizations active in the field of human rights

Additionally, the American Society of International Law (ASIL) Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law and UC Berkeley’s Law Library may be useful for identifying other leads for researching international human rights law.

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